Drupal 8 at the Jersey Shore

We Came, We Saw, We Coded!

Held July 12-13, 2014 in Asbury Park, NJ


On the weekend of July 12-13, 2014 the Central NJ Drupal Group held a core sprint focusing on the upcoming release of Drupal 8. The sprint was attended a great group of Drupal enthusiasts from Chicago, Montreal, New York, Virginia, and of course New Jersey. We took over the Cowerks coworking space in Asbury Park, NJ for the two days and it provided us a fun space to work the day and night away on a variety of issues. The weekend’s activities wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of all our sprinters and the generous support of our lead sponsor Blink Reaction and supporting sponsors Pantheon, Last Call Media, and Crowd Communications Group.

With only seven beta blockers remaining at the time of our sprint, two were on the top of our list of items to work on. The first was the Twig Autoesacpe issue (https://www.drupal.org/node/1825952), which David Dagino and Christopher McCafferty helped move along and which was committed 5 days after the sprint on July 18.

The second beta blocker focused on was the large Menu Link to plugin conversion issue, which got broken up into 5 sub-patches (https://www.drupal.org/node/2256521). This moved much closer to being fully polished and committable thanks to the hard work of Peter Wolanin, Cathy Theys, and Kalpana Goel, as well as reviews and feedback by xjm who participated remotely. Thanks to working both days on this, the first piece was committed 2 days after the sprint on July 15. The second piece was committed 3 days after the sprint on July 16.

Another area focused on was the Twig plan (consensus banana) coming out of DrupalCon Austin (https://www.drupal.org/node/2289511). Levi Sigworth and Sean Walsh worked in a sandbox project on the proof of concept for this new plan and were able to get a better understanding of all the sub issues that will need to be filed, as well as a greater appreciation of Twig as the new templating engine in Drupal 8. Finally, some of the other areas worked on included Migrate, Multilingual, Contact, Documentation, and Accessibility, with contributions by our other sprinters.

First Time Drupal 8 Core Commit Mentions from the Sprint
Matt Korostoff: https://www.drupal.org/node/2296839
Victor Ursu: https://www.drupal.org/node/2301239

List of Attendees
Jessica Bladon, Crowd Communications Group, LLC (jlbladon)
David Dagino, NorthPoint Digital (dags)
Ian Finlay, Coty Inc. (ijf8090)
David Hernandez, Rutgers University (davidhernandez)
Kalpana Goel, Forum One (kgoel)
Matt Korostoff, Blink Reaction (mkorostoff)
Elijah Lynn, NBCUniversal (Elijah Lynn)
Christopher McCafferty, Institute for Advanced Study (cilefen)
Scott Rigby, NBCUniversal (scottrigby)
Levi Sigworth, Pfizer (wheatpenny)
Cathy Theys, BlackMesh (YesCT)
Victor Ursu, Blink Reaction (victoru)
Sean Walsh, Crowd Communications Group, LLC (crowdcg)
Ryan Weal, Kafei Interactive Inc. (Ryan Weal)
Peter Wolanin, Acquia (pwolanin)

List of Issues Worked On
658148, 1825952, 1883058, 2030165, 2030613, 2074255, 2148199, 2163209, 2168893, 2221751, 2222375, 2224001, 2226193, 2250121, 2281591, 2285083, 2289511, 2291137, 2292035, 2296163, 2296839, 2297681, 2301239, 2301319, 2301837, 2301953, 2302071, 2302511, 2302515, & 2302519

Photo Gallery

Working hard on Day 1

Image courtesy of Blink Reaction

ijf8090 ready to attack some issues

Everyone sprinting bright & early on Day 2

Commemorating the consensus banana

Day 1 post dinner boardwalk, Asbury Park Casino Arena

Day 1 post dinner boardwalk, Asbury Park Carousel House

Drupal tee-shirt group shot, courtesy of Peter Wolanin
(Left to Right: YesCT, kgoel, Ryan Weal, crowdcg, wheatpenny, & pwolanin)